Thankful for Volunteers!

Rain or shine, we are incredibly grateful for our dedicated volunteers who consistently show up to support those in need at the food bank. Thanks to their unwavering commitment, like that of our amazing volunteer Linda, last week alone, the Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre provided food to over 800 individuals here in the Battlefords and neighbouring communities.

It's remarkable to think that the Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre reaches out to help people facing food insecurity from as many as 34 different communities. Each volunteer and supporter plays a vital role in making this extensive outreach possible, ensuring that no one in our region has to go without essential nourishment. Their efforts truly make a difference in the lives of so many.

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Help feed your community 

You can make a difference! Please help our communities become a better home for everyone.
In May 2024, we helped 2551 people with food, 50% were children.