Spring Most Wanted Items

This year has been very busy for the Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre's food hamper program. In fact as of March 17, 2022 we have help over 1100 people struggling with food insecurity in the month of March alone! We have already surpassed the month of March 2021 in number of people served.

The the rising food and fuel charges we expect the demand to keep growing. Unfortunately our supply is not keeping up with the demand. Our shelves are empty and we are in need of food donations.

The Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre is in need of all types of food products. Did you know we even offer nonfood products such as cleaners, toiletries and feminine hygiene products?

Our wish list includes but not limited to:

-Pasta/Tomato Sauce -Pasta -Canned Soup -Chunky Stews -Peanut Butter & Jam -Baby Formula -Diapers -Canned Vegetables & Fruit -Cereal -Oatmeal -Pancake Mix -Canned Beans -Personal Hygiene Products -Household Cleaners

We also love perishable food! Please bring perishable products directly to the food bank at 1171 101st ST North Battleford. For more information on how you can help please call 306-937-5505 or drop by our back door between 9am-3pm for a visit and a quick tour.

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In May 2024, we helped 2551 people with food, 50% were children.