Lasagna Gardening, the BDFRC's Pilot Project

This year the Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre created a lasagna garden at 1742 101st ST. Thanks to LVSchell Construction for donating the city plot for us to use for the season. Over the Hedge graciously donated time and equipment to assist us in forming the lasagna garden.

A Lasagna Garden is designed using no digging or tilling, it's composed of alternating layers of organic material which is filled with long term nutrition for your garden soil and plants.

What you need to create a lasagna garden is spot where your bed will get good sunlight throughout the day. Place cardboard over the ground and water. Nest use green materials such as manure, grass clippings and/or veggies scraps. Next comes brown materials such as leaves, shredded paper or straw. Then top off the garden with top soil, and finally mulch on top.

Why use this technique? It will create nutrient rich soil for nutrient rich produce. It requires less water once established. Less work in the following years. Finally it creates more soil rather than destroying it.

We started the garden in June. As of July 25, we have already harvested over 100lbs! More to come!!

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