Challenge Accepted and Blown Away!!

A call was put out to the Battlefords community asking for help collecting 5,500 boxes of mac & cheese for a Guinness World Record breaker. The Mac & Cheese Domino Challenge!

The Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre is proud to announce that the Battlefords Community has surpassed our collection goal of 5,500 boxes of Kraft Dinner. Thanks to the amazing contribution from the community,we have raised over 6,800 boxes!

On top of the 6,800 boxes of Mac & Cheese collected from our amazing community, Kraft Canada has also graciously stepped up and donated 5,500 boxes of Kraft Dinner!

The Mac & Cheese Domino Challenge is set to take place on Thursday March 28th at 1:30pm. At 9:00am, Living Sky School Division Students will begin building the domino challenge. The Domino topple will the held at Nationswest Field House (623 Carlton Trail Unit 3) North Battleford. You can also stream the event live at

“I am not surprised by the generosity from the community. The Battlefords has always been a caring community, ready to step up and help whenever needed. Now thanks to Kraft Canada, we have more than doubled our goal.” Erin Katerynych Executive Director of Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre.

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